Support Programs

The Burned Out Survivors’ Fund Support Programs listed below offer family and/or individuals with assistance in different ways. It is our way to help begin the recovery process. We will also assist with referrals to other agencies to obtain maximum services for our applicants.  The programs are listed below along with application forms.

IMPORTANT:  You will need Adobe Reader software installed to access these forms. Download the most recent version of Adobe Reader available free from Adobe’s website.  For full functionality, be sure to use Adobe Reader and not your browser to submit the forms.

If you prefer, simply print the form, fill by hand, and mail to:

Burned Out Survivors’ Fund
PO Box 171248
San Antonio, TX 78217

Residential Fire Assistance –

This support program provides assistance to homeowners or renters who have experienced a fire damage/loss to their residence. Types of assistance available may be security deposits, utility deposits, temporary hotel/motel rent, trailer/storage fees, or cash assistance.   Application Form:

  Residential Fire Assistance Application

Burn / Fire Death Assistance –

These two support programs provide assistance to help families/individuals defray medical costs, funeral costs, or other essential expenses burn victims may incur. Other types of assistance may include food gift cards.  Application Forms:

  Burn Assistance Application
  Fire Death Assistance Application


Vehicle Fire Assistance –

Vehicle owners who sustain vehicle fire damage can apply for assistance under this support program. Types of assistance provided may include short term rental costs or cash assistance toward repairs.  Application Form:

  Vehicle Fire Assistance Application


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