Our Fire fighters are there…
… ready to save life and property.
Dedicated to their community.
And when the smoke clears …
… they are still there.

A Firefighter Supported Charity



What We Do…

Fire fighters know first hand of the disruption fire can cause: the sudden loss of belongings, loss of place of residence, burns, and sometimes the loss of a loved one.  These are daily occurrences witnessed by area Fire Fighters. It is this empathetic feeling for our community that led to the founding of the Burned Out Survivors’ Fund by San Antonio Fire Fighters.  The mission is to provide a way to keep helping the community, even after the fire is out.


Burned Out Survivors’ Fund –

A non-profit charitable organization providing assistance to those in need after a fire loss to their residence, a vehicle fire, a loved one suffered burns, or someone lost their life to fire.  Find the application you need here.